All of the wonderful products from The Brown and Blond Bakery are staying the same, just the name has changed to Made Without Grain!!! 

Specializing in Grain Free Baking Mixes

For many years, I made Brownies (the box type) for just about every get together.  But then I discovered I have a wheat intolerance.  I began avoiding corn and soy for other reasons.  I could not find any gluten free products or recipes that suited my taste or did not have a multitude of ingredients including unpronounceable ones or corn and/or soy derivatives.  My relatives and friends were not avoiding wheat, so I wanted to develop a Brownie that everyone could enjoy.  I also wanted them to have as few and whole food ingredients as possible.  After 4 years of experimenting, I finally developed a recipe that has the taste and texture I love.  For those who may not be into chocolate, I decided to try a Blondie, and fell in love with it too.  Since grain free baked goods are so unique, I wanted share them as baking mixes.  This allows for alterations when baking.  If there are no allergies to dairy, milk can be used instead of water, or butter instead of the oil.  It has been a joy to see people react to these products like they are the best things they have ever tasted.  Some people did not know it was grain free until after they tried the products.  Others were skeptics and it took some convincing to get them try the Dark Chocolate Brownie or Blondie.  They were all shocked that a grain free baked good can actually taste great and have a great texture.  The Cracker and Bread & Pizza Dough mix were added to the collection in the summer of 2012.  After many requests, Quick Mix (Muffin, Biscuit, Pancake, Waffle) was developed and released October 2013.


**Allergy information** There are no nut, dairy, or soy ingredients in the mixes.  However, the Flours from Bob's Red Mill are manufactured in a facility that also uses Tree Nuts and Soy.  Coconut is the main ingredient in 4 mixes.  All mixes are made in a gluten free environment in a room with new equipment dedicated to this business.  These products are Home Produced.